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Working Together

When you start your own business, you’ll quickly find out that everyone has a strong opinion and believes their way is the best way. I’m here to tell you the golden rule: Never take advice about how to start your

focused coaching

Focused Coaching for the Established Entrpreneur

Like many other entrepreneurs, Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows. Of all of the episodes I’ve seen (which is almost all of them), the thing that stuck out most to me was that everyone who walked away without

Building Relationships

One Relationship at a Time

I met Kevin about a month after I decided corporate America and everything that went with it wasn’t my thing anymore. I’d started a business advising and HR consulting company. If you’ve followed any of my posts, here, or elsewhere,

building your business

Another Brick in the Wall – Getting Your Practice Up and Running

What seemed so clear a  few years ago isn’t very clear any longer. What does all the uncertainty mean to you as a solopreneur? We had some really great ideas. We were getting ready to move forward. We’d filled out

mindset, changes

Turn and Face the Strange – Ch, Ch, Changes Creating a New Mindset

I spent the first twenty five years of my career being fairly predictable. I followed the same routine with each position I held and only varied my behavior based on the company’s rules and regs. Like a pair of slippers

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About John

When I left the corporate world, I didn’t have a golden parachute. I just closed my eyes and jumped. I prayed a lot too. I was full of desire, enthusiasm, and ambition and had no clue what I was getting

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A Special Thank You

Much of the copy for this web site was written by Anni Caylor a amazing wordsmith and copy writer.

I am grateful to for her assistance in making this project a reality. Thanks so much Anni