Career coaching for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

Do you know what I am asked by new coaches, trainers, healers or solopreneurs? “I know WHAT I want to do. I just don’t know HOW to do it. Help!”

Hi, I’m John Jurkiewicz.

Can I share something with you? 

There is always going to be something – some barrier, some obstacle or maybe something as simple as a question that asks: What should I do first?  It’s never going to be perfect.

I believe that working with an experienced coach can help you answer those questions a lot quicker than if you were flying solo.

I’ve been coaching new and potential business owners for twenty years and what I learned is that there is no, one, definitive answer for all of us. There are guidelines and suggestions.

How We Work Together

I have a process that’s been proven to work in helping people get up and running.


  • I help you prepare for making the transition from where you’re at in your life and career to starting a business. We talk about the things you need to do to put your personal house in order.
  • I help you create a template and a guide to use as a grocery list for the things you need to get started on the right foot.
  • My coaching style is one-on-one. No videos, no manuals, no workbooks and no PDF’s to clog up your cloud storage.  If you want to join the Facebook group I’ve created exclusively for my clients, I’ll welcome you with open arms. If not ----- We cool. Don’t want my newsletter? No problem.

I build relationships with people. I don’t mass-market my services and I don’t have the equivalent of a coaching puppy farm. I work with people who are committed to their success in life and business and who want to leave the world better than when they discovered it.

That’s not everyone with an idea or a dream. It’s for the person who’s ready to move on to the next season in their life.

If that’s you, the first step is to set up a discovery session with me to get to know each other.

You’re on your way.

Take the first step ...

Set up a FREE discovery session with me to see how we can work together.

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