I’ll spare you the french pastry and cut right to the chase.

I’ve been doing this work for almost 23 years and during that time my failures, my clients failures, their successes plus my own have given me the wisdom to know what works and what doesn’t work.

How do YOU know what works for my business? You don’t even know me!

I don’t know the inner workings of your business but I do know that every successful business whether it be a one person show, a mom and pop, or a Fortune 500 needs certain tools to be successful. They may be, as one of my grandfathers used to say, “In the same church but sitting on different benches!”

I’ve spent a bulk these twenty three years creating the T.A.P. process in my business.

It stands for Transparency. What you see is what you get.

My goal is to guide you towards the goals and objectives YOU choose to make yourself a success. I”ll answer your questions or concerns as best I can and make suggestions along the way. I will always be honest with you.

It stands for Alignment. I won’t work with you if our values don’t align or of I don’t believe I’m the  person to help you reach your goals. My life goal is to help other people with their success. If our value and our goals align I believe you and I can make magic.

Have I left money on the table? More than I care to count.

Do I sleep well at night? Yup I sure do.

Is everyone out there my ideal client? Nope

I don’t or won’t work with people who aren’t all in on their their businesses. There’s too much at stake for me and you; to do otherwise Whats at stake is your well being. Every day hundreds of people invest thousands of dollars for a bag of “magic beans.”  They’re led to believe that if they plant those beans, water them and love them, six figure business will pop up over night. (I wish!)

It’s the same thing with your business! I wont lead you on.

You and I must be in alignment with our goals for our relationship to work.

It stands for Personalization. I’m not a big “Read this book We’ll talk about it at our next session” guy. I want you to create your brand, a personal brand, one that fits only you. It’s like going to a tailor. You get measured and fitted for a suit of clothes that’s personalized for YOU, Other people could wear it but it will only fit YOU. I don’t own any cookie cutters or copy machines. Your career or business is like your DNA – One of a kind.

I’ll work my butt off for you. I’ll be your cheerleader and try to connect you with as many people as I know who might be of help to you.

That’s the TAP process and it’s my promise to you! I promise


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