business planingIf you read my bio you know I really enjoy doing what I do – helping people make their dreams come true.

Did you know………..

Sixty percent (60%) of all new businesses fail during the first three years

Do you know why?

The primary reason is the run out of cash and they run out of cash because BEFORE they quit their day jobs, cashed in their retirement, paid a kings ransom for a web page with all of the widgets and gadget, they didn’t have a plan.

Let that sink in.

No more 401K, banks calling wondering when you are going to make the next payment on the money you borrowed.

I don’t understand, you mutter. The guru I hired to coach me never said anything about this stuff.

It would be easy if every start-up were the same.

I wouldn’t have a job if they were.

You business, your practice, your store front…………. they are as unique as your DNA

I promise you I’ll treat them as such and that’s one thing you can put in the bank for sure.

Why is having a career plan so important?

What I found with the successful people I’ve worked with is they had a plan. They created a personal plan.

They created priorities and found when they checked each one off the list they began seeing success in their lives.

I’ll share a secret with you one of my mentors once shared with me.

“Most would be entrpreneurs don’t have a plan because they consider it dull and boring. But with out the “dull and boring” things, you don’t have a success. It’s not all about the passion and the woo.”

Whether you’re aware of it or not you have a unique brand that sets you apart from everyone else. I can help you create the best brand for you.

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