Success is a verb. 

my philosophy

Someone asked me to coach them for the lead role in our high school play. Her request was simple: Can you help me get the lead role? There was an obstacle in her way. The drama teacher and made it known she’d pretty much decided who the female lead was going to be for that year’s production. It was one of those, feel free to try out but…..

 I’d been in the drama club for a few years and my main talent was producing and directing. I decided to try and help her. I’d never done anything like this before, I mean what 17-year-old had!

We met before school, after school, and during study hall. She asked if we could work for a few hours on a couple Saturdays.

She got the part.

I’m no Svengali. I asked her a lot of questions about how she visualized the part she was auditioning for. I challenged her to become the character she wanted to portray.

My coaching philosophy? It’s really very simple. I help people find their path in life and in their careers. I believe owning your business is a career, whether it’s a storefront, a coaching practice, or an online business, just like the folks who choose to work in the businesses you and I choose to own, I believe it is a career with its own unique challenges.

In many ways, it’s just like reaching for a role in a play everyone told you that you had no business trying out for.  You and I put our own DNA into everything we do in life.

It’s my role to help you apply that DNA successfully.

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