When you look at Business Coaching  you conjure this image of it being cold, hard and uncaring.

“Gimme your money and I’ll share my wisdom with you. By the way, no refunds”

It’s hard for me to admit sometimes but there are still a lot of people, coaches, healers, trainer, teachers and the like, who are focused on one thing only and it’s not your success. It’s their bank account. I mean, business is business, right? If you ain’t making money you just have a really expensive hobby.

 I read a quote from the late Zig Ziglar that changed my life in more ways than one. That’s when I discovered that success is not only money.

“When you help other people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

I’m not naive. Every morning when my feet hit hit the floor I intend to be profitable. I don’t give it away but my focus is on you and your needs. I’ve put together a code of conduct that defines what I believe heart centered coaching is.   

I promise to….

 ~Always be open and honest with you

 ~Never try to sell you something you feel you don’t need.

 ~I won’t sell you a cookie cutter  program. What I create for you is yours and yours alone.

 ~I will treat you with dignity and respect.

 ~I will explain to you, in detail, what your financial investment will be and what alternatives you  have in moving forward.

~If I’m not your guy, if I cant help you, I will tell you before we get started. I value you as a person and not a notch on my email list; so if I feel we are not a fit I’ll tell you up front, not after you’ve invested a lot of money with me.

~I will honor the commitments I make  to you.

~I will be available to you between coaching sessions to answer any questions you might have or help you through a sticky wicket or two