Now, in case you have never heard the skinny on Inner Critics; we aren’t supposed to never, ever, (Did I say ever and never?), seek them out much less listen to them.

Let sleeping dogs lie. All that rot.

There’s more. The problem with angels is there is “always more.”

It all started one afternoon not long ago when I was talking with my guardian angel. I’ve never known her to give me bad advice.

But……….. I gotta tell ya………

This time she threw me for a loop.

You want me to do WHAT?

I want you to listen to your inner critic when they’re making sense.

Yeah but……..

INTUITION, John! It’s not just for the things we like or the warm and fuzzy. Stop and think about the last time you ignored your intuition, take a step back and look at the outcome(s).

Imagine brakes squealing and multiple cars crashing into each other. Massive chaos.

Misguided as it may be, what if your Inner Critic is right? What if they point to a behavior that’s holding you back.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I’m not talking about the Mean People who bash us for a host of reasons, none of which are healthy or the people who attempt to tear us down, emotion by emotion.

Story time.

I put a bid in for a pretty big coaching contract and lost the bid to someone by the width of one of my beard hairs. The person I lost out to was a friend or at least he was until I began letting everyone know all of his faults,. (This included picking his nose!) I could have been a costar in Mean Girls.

The more people congratulated him the more I seethed. (Snarl)

One day my Inner Critic  shows up  and called me an ass. She asked me to remove my head from ass as well. (I never quite figured out how anyone could contort their body to insert their head………… Never mind.)

I got all righteous and indignant. Dropped the F -Bomb a few times and got ready to walk away in a huff. (Maybe it was a minute and a huff.) (That’s a joke.))

I stopped in my tracks though because she was right. I was giving my toddler grand kids stiff competition for whiner of the decade.  I could have a destroyed a great relationship or two because I had an overgrown ego.

That realization really hurt – a lot.

Here’s the point. To this day I still believe I should have gotten the contract. I still believe I’m a better coach. I don’t need to prove that to anyone. I KNOW IT IN MY SOUL.

That doesn’t matter. I didn’t get it. Past history, split milk and all that jazz.

I believe we’ve come to discount our Inner Critic because we’ve come to believe that everyone should fly around on a unicorn, wave a magic wand, and smile all the time. When out inner GPS starts warning us we’ve come to condition ourselves to believe it wants to harm us.

What I believe is necessary is developing my intuition.

Does the voice inside mean us harm or mean us good and if it means us good chances are it may make us uncomfortable. That’s a feeling we’ve canceled in today’s culture.

I’m all for feeling good. I wish I could feel good all the time but I also wish I had a full head of hair



Defending My Inner Critic.