mindsetI’m not sure who said it, but I’ve found it to be true with any successful person I’ve worked with.

Each had a plan and they worked on that plan bit by bit. They created priorities and found that when they began to create balance success found them.

Sometimes the decisions they had to make were tough ones.

When I started in 1999 Joan, and I sat down with our six children and outlined what I was going to be doing. We wanted them to on board.

That’s not to say there weren’t some rough patches along the way, but I shudder to think what things would have been like if we all weren’t on the same page.

When you and I work together I’m going to ask you to create a plan for yourself and for those you are close to.

Why is that so important?

I used to run into clients I’d worked with ten or fifteen years ago. I’d ask them how their business was, and they’d tell me they went back to their nine to five. The two main reasons were that their families didn’t understand the commitment they’d have to make and second, they missed a regular paycheck.

If this part of their life wasn’t in alignment the rest of it really didn’t matter.

It is my belief that the more balanced your life is the more apt you are to reach and exceed your goals. It takes a lot of energy to freelance. If you’re not in balance or making plans to be in balance, you decrease your chance of success.

Here are the things you and I will work on

  • Financial Health
  • Professional Growth
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Personal Health

Just like the rest of us.


Want to know more?

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