mindsetWhy is having a plan so important?

What I found with the successful people I’ve worked with is they had a plan. They created priorities and found when they checked each one off the list they began seeing success in their business or practice.

I often run into clients I worked with ten or fifteen years ago and I ask them how their business was going. They’d tell me they went back to their nine to five career. Most of them shrugged their shoulders and told me things just didn’t work out for them.

I’ll share a secret with you one of my mentors once shared with me.

“Most people don’t have a plan because they consider it dull and boring. But with out the “dull and boring” things, you don’t have a business. It’s not all about the passion and the woo”

I wont lie to you. Running your business can be hard work and there are times you seem more like a juggler than a business owner. Having a plan is the foundation of your business. I will help you create your plan by using a tool called a  business canvas.

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