Your journey begins when your feet hit the floor in the morning. 


If you are waiting for a sales pitch from me, you’re not going to get one. I don’t work that way. Your situations and circumstances are as unique as you are, so are your business or business idea. I believe we have one life and that it’s important for that life to be in balance. Your business is as important as the things and people you hold dear in your life. Your business is your career. Otherwise, you wouldn’t devote as much time and energy as you do! That requires a lot of energy.

If you look at my Bio page, you’ll see I’ve been expending energy as a coach for twenty years. What I’ve learned is how to take the energy and expend it in a way that creates the most value for the people I work with. I’d like to do the same with you.

I do not believe there is another business coach quite like me.


  • I ask my clients to do a deep dive on their personal lives before we even start talking about your business idea. Why? If your personal life is not in balance in areas of health, finances, personal and business relationships it is going to be awfully tough sledding when you go to start your business. You want to be sure you have a solid foundation to build on!

  • I do offer coaching packages to the people I work with, but I am not the grocery store of coaching. Imagine taking your car for an oil change and the mechanic tells you that you’ll be charged for an engine overhaul, even though you don’t need one. Sort of a “just in case.” My packages are tailored to your specific needs. It’s called laser coaching.

  • I work closely, intensely and live with you. I am available to answer specific questions you may have about your life and business. That means I limit the number of people I work with at one time so I can pay attention where it is most needed.




The first step for both of us is to schedule a thirty-minute discovery session and see if we are a fit for each other. My promise to you is this call is not a sneaky way for me to try to sell you something. Mostly I listen to you and ask some questions. There is no charge for this initial call. If you feel you’d like to move forward, I’ll email you an informational packet with details on how the relationship will work.

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