working togetherI spent eleven years of my career in human resource management positions. I began as an training and development specialist and later was promoted to Human Resource Manager with no formal human resource training or experience. (I’ll have to share that story with you sometime.) My next stop was as a Human Resource Director. Throughout these experiences I saw a lot of people who had good intentions, had above average qualifications, and were motivated to reach their goals. Most of them didn’t land the career they wanted for a simple reason: They didn’t know how to get there.

When I struck out on my own I decided to do something about it and help people get the skill set(s) they needed to reach their goals.

I focus on your current situation and help you create goals to move forward. These are the services I offer either in a package or as stand alone offerings to identify the alternate job and career options that appeal to you.

  • Resume, and cover letter review and revision
  • Social Media profile review and revision
  • Personal brand identification and creation
  • Elevator speech creation and/or review
  • Interviewing skills and mock interviewing
  • Career development strategies
  • Networking skills and strategies
  • Leadership Development
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • “Creating a Brand for You and Your Career”

Coaching consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and I, usually lasting 60 minutes each. I meet with my clients once a week. We can meet face-to-face or we can meet via web conferencing.While a career coach can help you accomplish your professional goals, it’s important to recognize they can’t wave a magic wand and “fix.”

I cant:

Solve Your Problems.

Find You a Job.

Do All the Work.

The most important part of our relationship is you and I finding an effective way to communicate so you can reach your goals quickly. I require my clients to take one assessment that reveal the communication style they are most comfortable with so I can tailor our sessions to best meet their needs.

The fee for this assessment is not part of the coaching package you purchase  It should be completed prior to our first session and a copy furnished to me via email. You bear the cost for these assessments. I’ve listed  a link to website below. The cost of the assessment is $18


The Behavioral Attitude Index  


You can connect with me HERE