Sixty percent (60%) of all new businesses fail during the first three years

Do you know why they fail?

They run out of cash. Before they quit their day jobs, they cashed in their retirement, paid a kings ransom for a web page with all of the widgets and gadgets, and they didn’t have a plan.

Let that sink in.

You no longer have a 401K. Banks are calling wondering when you are going to make the next payment on the money you borrowed or the credit card.

I don’t understand, you mutter. The guru I hired to coach me never said anything about this stuff.

The internet said this was the way to be successful……

It would be easy if every start-up were the same.

(I wouldn’t have a job if they were.)

If you read my bio you know I really enjoy doing what I do.

I will guide you through the steps involved in making your new business or practice profitable whether it’s a full time gig or a part time side hustle.

We’ll is take a deep dive and analyze what you need and most importantly what you don’t need to get started and remain succesful.

That deep dive is called a Business Canvas

A business canvas gives a blueprint of what you need to get started – step by step.

You business, your practice, your store front…………. they are as unique as your DNA

I promise you I’ll treat them as such and that’s one thing you can put in the bank for sure.

Startup Analysis

Completing the Business Canvas

Getting through hard times.

Improving your efficiency.

Identifying weaknesses and pain points.

Privacy Policies

Terms of Service


Startup Needs

Your online presence?

Networking skills?

How to avoid expensive errors


Privacy Policies

Terms of Service



Who is my ideal customer?

What’s your customers problem?

What’s your solution to their problem?

What’s the advantage of working with you.

What benefit do your customers get from working with you?

What are their alternatives?

Best marketing tools for your business?

Those three things – Start up Analysis, your Startup Needs and your Message comprise the coaching package you and I will be working with.

Maybe you don’t need everything I offer in the startup package or maybe you need more.

One size does not fit all and you will have an opportunity to tailor the package to your needs.

It all begins with you and I sitting down and figuring it out!


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