A Question of Balance (With Apologies to The Moody Blues)


That is how many results Google told me it had when I searched Starting Your Own Business. It’s a popular topic. It seems everyone has an opinion on what it takes from going to where you are at to where you want to be.

A lot of it is sound advice – Incorporation options, types of insurance you might need to carry. Stuff like that. But ya know what? I saw nothing about creating balance in your life BEFORE you decided that you’d be be hob-nobbing with Elon Musk.


Okay, I didn’t review all 11,910,000,000 results, but you get my drift.

I’ve been doing what I do for the past twenty years. I have helped all sorts of people, all shapes and sizes and all with creative ideas. I’m not sure what that makes me in the pantheon of coaching and I don’t think it’s bragging to say I’ve learned a thing or two during those twenty years.

So………… Before you hop in full-tilt-boogie, print up business cards and sink a ton of money into one of those a-million-dollars-in six months programs, consider doing this first.

Find or create some balance in your life!

When I conduct a discovery session with a potential client……

Lemme stop here. I hate the word client. It’s right up the with the word patient. That term evokes an image of someone with a rubber glove and lubricant.

When I conduct a discovery session with a potential fellow traveler, I ask them to do two things before we talk.

One,Tell me what you do to cope with the stress in your life? Do you remember the Atari game Asteroid? You moved a cursor back and forth while enemy space ships hurled bombs at you from on high. The more bombs you destroyed, the quicker the next wave came at ya. The more you concentrated on destroying all the bombs the more bombs came at you and much quicker.

Does that sound like your life? Hint, hint. It sure does sound like mine. Know what I mean Vern?

I get a lot of stock answers. I run, I golf, I take long walks. I ask if there is time during the day for you to close your eyes for ten minutes or so and focus on relaxing for a few moments. Centering or setting an intention or simply allowing yourself an oasis in time to relax. I ask if they are open to learning how to practice that technique effectively.

It’s called meditation and you don’t have to hover off of the ground and chant or wear a flowing robe while burning incense. Unless that’s your thing. It allows our minds and bodies to shift to neutral for a bit and create a restore point of clarity. Sorta the drain cleaner of the spiritual realm.

Starting and maintaining your business will require you to test the limits of your internal resources. Imagine if you never changed the oil on your vehicle or never replaced the filter on your furnace. Stuff like that. You know the answer. In awhile things would break down. So how come, me and you are different?

We’re not. Not by a long shot.

When we are stressed and tired and frustrated we make mistakes.

Lemme tell you a story.

A few years ago I was working on a promotion for Small Business Week. I was offering potential entrepreneurs a special coaching package. I worked on it for a couple of weeks and published it with a link to my most very special offer. I waited, and waited, and waited.

While I was crafting my path to fame I was juggling at least three other projects and, oh yeah, I was way too busy to shift into neutral and meditate. Too busy! Business is Business. That hippy stuff can wait. Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos don’t meditate. Do they?

If I had a sound clip that sounded like crickets chirping, I’d play it for you.

After two weeks I had zero responses. Huh! These people must be half crazy not to take advantage of this offer.

The phone rang. (No kidding it really did!) Another coach called to ask me if I knew that you can’t insert a link to another page and then save the page as a JPEG file. (I swear to God he was stifling a laugh.) It won’t connect. When I hung up I checked the page. He was right. No one could register because I was too busy to sit down, chill out and think things through.

I’m a By-God-Entrepreneur.

I can laugh about it today but back then I threw the blasted machine into high gear and got super mad when the only person I could blame was me! Ever done that? Blamed yourself for something and then slid down the murky slide of self doubt.

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